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Well well well whiffers say hello to Mr Beckham, this VIP and very limited edition whiff is gorgeous & strikingly intense with sensual notes of myrrh, Cypriol, earthy with hints of lavender tonka bean, resting on base notes of moss and amber. Yes please!!

All our wax melts are made using the finest soy wax, luxurious fragrance oils, and topped with biodegradable glitter! (Please note our wax melts are now in cellophane wraps rather than clamshells! 💚

How to use - simply break off a square or two and place in the well/dish of your wax melter! Two squares will give 12-18 hours of fragrance in your home! Use with a four hour unscented tealight candle! Always check your melter for any cracks or damage! Keep away from children & pets! Never move whilst lit. Do not eat!!

Smells like David Beckham


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