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A story of freshness


Meet lucy

Hello and welcome to my website where you will find an array of stunning home fragrance products that will tantalise your senses beyond. But first I’d like to introduce myself, I’m Lucy a busy mummy who found a hobbie and turned it into a business.


I’ve unleashed a huge passion in me for creating my wax delights. I’ve been in the hairdressing industry for almost 20 years and throughly loved it. After having my two children I was home a lot and wanted a little something to do for myself to help relax and unwind. I’m such a creative person, candle making and wax melts soon took over me and my home.


 I thought of my brand, that i created and designed including my logo, that i'm totally obsessed with. I tested every method, ingredient, wax, fragrance oils on the market, until i perfected my products. Sourcing all knowledge of safety & making  of my amazing whiffs. Friends & family could not get enough of them,  we all became whiffers.  Wax.whiff was born in October 2019. I soon outgrew my kitchen and im now in my own little workshop that i love escaping to and getting creative.


I am incredibly proud of my little business, & so passionate about every product i make, i put my heart & soul into it. & I can’t wait to see what the future holds for wax.whiff, I hope you love what i make & i  thank you for all your love and support thus far. 


Welcome WHIFFERS Xoxo 

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