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Spring is in the air!!

Hello whiffer's, I don't know about you but this sunshine is definitely giving me a spring in my step, certainly lifts ya mood and helps get ya going, (well it has me lol)

I'm very much looking forward to Mothers day next week and spending the day with my family, I'm so grateful that you've chosen to shop with me for your special mums gifts too. I cant wait to hear that they enjoyed them.

There's still time to grab a special gift if your still wondering what to buy... so don't panic hehe.

As you may have seen if you follow me on Instagram I've been busy creating all sorts of new products, my new mum mugs have been so popular. And I have a new whipped soap being released next week too, which I cant bloody wait for you to try,, eeek

its bursting with goodness in the most stunning whiff ever (if i do say so myself) :)

OK I'll tell ya the whiff................It's


And also you can grab a matching watermelon whiffy waffle wax melt too, what a fab combo ay!

And not forgetting EASTER i will have a special Easter edition collection dropping on Saturday April 2nd. so there's lots of exciting stuff coming up soon whiffers to keep you happy. well I shall stop waffling on now and leave you to enjoy your day, as always thank you so very much for your loyal custom and support, it means the world to me.

Love Lucy xxx

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