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June 2022

Blazing June
“Hello whiffers”

I hope you’ve been enjoying the sizzling summer scents despite our awful weather I hope the whiffs have helped bring some sunshine to your day!

So in the news! Waxwhiff is now part of our local excellence market in Abingdon marketplace! I feel very proud to be part of our local excellence community and I hope to see some of my lovely whiffers when I attend my first market on June 25th! Ahhh exciting!!

And I have to mention our first ever subscription box! Yay! It was well due wasn’t it this little box of happiness, I picked x3 scents all fitting for the royal jubilee celebrations we had an English rose! A Right Royal Celebration! And Her Majesty’s Meadow! With all of these new whiffs being a real nose pleaser!

Julys box has been planned and my oh my is it a good one! I’ll give you a little hint as to what “theme “ I’ve gone for …… Happy Hour!!! And that’s all your getting hehehe!

Well as always whiffers thanks for always supporting wax.whiff & choosing to spend your hard-earned cash with me, I’m so grateful to have you all I wish you all the very best

Love Lucy xxx


“A whiff fit for the queen”

This limited edition whiff will certainly make you feel happy & glorious, bursting with freshly picked juicy red strawberries and tart pink rhubarb, it’s a sumptuous scent that even her majesty will appreciate!

This exclusive melt weighs a whopping 100grams that’s equivalent to two of our snap bars!


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